Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Rachel again!

After irradiation treatment

My friend Scarlett, she is shy.

Sisters, on my visit home a couple of weeks ago.

 Waiting for the shuttle to go to St Jude, typical day.

 St. Jude Riders. In order to do the ride each biker has to raise $1,000, this couple each rode their own bike so they raised $2,000. This is the 6th year for this group and they have raised over 2 million dollars in that time for St Jude.  So many amazing people.
 Memphis Zoo

 My Uncle Rick and Aunt Becky who came to visit.
 Rachel and Diane
 Spending the day in the medicine room for multiple blood tests.  Kettle Corn is a great comfort food.

 Raspberries.  Not as great as ours at home but still good.
 Our Zoo Boo shirts from the Memphis Zoo
Well, I know I said it was going to be hard, and that I'm in for a long ride, but it has really taken it's toll! But as of today we're I'm down to 7 more radiation treatments.
Anyways, pictures speak louder than words, so that's next!  (Diane added a few captions.)


  1. Love the yolo ice cream!! Keep fighting! Love ya. Txt me when you can:)-reeves

  2. Sooo greatful for the post! Please know my family is keeping you in our prayers! You will do great things Rachel!

  3. I''m so glad to see this post. I know it isn't easy, but I'm grateful you took the time. I read this the other day and thought of you: "And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me" (Moroni 7:33)
    You have the faith, you have the power. He believes in you and I believe in you too. You can do hard things! Thank you for inspiring me. Keep the faith!

  4. So great to see your smiling face Rachel! You are just BEAUTIFUL!!! Keep on fighting, and know that you have so many people behind you!

  5. Look at you being awesome! You're smiling and doing some sightseeing and sharing some of the reality of what you're going through. You just keep amazing me. So nice to hear from you again.

  6. It's good to see your smile again!

  7. wow, you are doing so many things! love the sisters picture and the zoo shirts! :) you are lovely!

  8. So happy to hear from you Rachel! You will be glad to have photos of this journey, because even though it is hard, you can reflect on your awesome strength when you need some encouragement. You are so strong and courageous and so is YOUR MOM!! God bless you both.

    Love and hugs and prayers.

  9. I found your blog from your cousin's hairtstyles and OHMYGOSH! You are the strongest person ever! seeing a little piece of the journey youre going through puts my life in perspective. God has an amazing plan for you and miracles DO happen! thankyou for sharing your outlook on life through this difficult journey. I am praying for you!