Monday, December 10, 2012

Let it Snow!

I'm loving the snow outside. It's what makes me sooooo happy in the winter!  Well anyways, last week my GGT <--(an enzyme your liver releases when it's toxic, as mine has) went down, it went far enough I was able to start my chemo again, BUT I had to move down to the lowest dose. Which is bad, because now if my GGT goes up for another 7 days, then I'll have to stop the Crenolanib<--(my chemo) for good. And obviously that's not a good thing, cause it's my only treatment level left to be able to stay in the clinical trial at St Jude. So anyways this Wednesday, I have an appointment with my Primary Children's doctors, I guess just to get my blood drawn, and they'll probably do a neurological exam. Then it'll be Christmas, then we go to Hawaii on the 30th, then January 13-15th it's back to Memphis! So there's the updates, thank you for the prayers! They're always welcome, not to mention needed!:)