Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Follow Up/Quick Update

Today I had my follow up appointment for the shunt surgery and they were very pleased with how I am doing! So basically when they went in to do the surgery, they drilled a hole through my skull, and ran a tube from my brain to my stomach. On my skull there is a button thing that pumps spinal fluid down the line. It works by having pressure built up by the spinal fluid. The alternative option to rid spinal fluid from the brain is to physically pump it by pushing it in and out of my skull. (I am not allowed to do it), but my doctor did it twice today and it freaked me out, even though I didn't feel anything.
Anyways, I feel great, I have tons of energy, and I've been happy! I have been working really hard on my online school and am having tons of fun cooking lots!
I even taught relief society this last week on the talk I Will Not Fail Thee Nor Forsake Thee by Thomas S Monson. I learned so much from preparing and teaching the lesson. I highly suggest reading it!

Even though I am not so sure that no more chemo is a good thing- I am incredibly grateful that I don't have to do that any more. My body is finally starting to get its energy back and feel strong again, and I love it! I am hoping to go to school next semester. I am going to keep doing my online school as well. I believe that knowledge is eternal, so no matter what happens to me, knowledge will be beneficial. Plus I love learning new things.

My hands aren't tingly anymore so I've been playing the piano lots! I am playing in my recital this weekend and love the fact that I can use my hands good again.My eyes are still doing well too.

Thank you for all your prayers, I truly believe that's why I'm still here, because to put it bluntly, I shouldn't be. I am almost to month 22 and I couldn't be loving this extra time I've been given, more.

So please continue to pray!
I can do hard things!
Two of my good friends married each other!

Memorial day was wonderful

Friday, May 9, 2014

21 months

Today marks 21 months since I was diagnosed with the rarest and deadliest kind of brain cancer.
It also marks 1 year past that 9 month expiration that they gave me. So it's kind of a huge deal! I had a Primary Children's appointment today and my doctors were all in shock with how well I am doing.

After my last visit, I don't think they were too sure they would see me again. My hands and mouth have ceased to be numb and tingly. I can swallow normally again. I can balance and walk normal. I can see clearly. And for my favorite.....{drumroll}....... I CRIED!
Granted my head was excruciating pain it literally put me in tears. But I cried! I was so excited, because for the first time in months I felt like I was able to release some negative emotions that have been boiling inside of me. I didn't even care that my head was hurting so bad because the drought is over!
{My head was in so much pain because on the way home from Disneyland we got rear ended and I hit my head really hard}.
I have a lot of fun plans coming up that I feel excited for, because I actually feel like myself again. I feel like I can actually enjoy doing things and talking to people.
Disneyland was so much fun. And so was the beach!

I'm just excited that I have lived for exactly 1 year passed when they thought I could make it. I have such support, so thank you, thank you, thank you!
I know that heaven is real. And so is my father that lives there.
I'm so happy that I am still around, some 12 months past expected.
I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

Tomorrow is the Elevate 5k race for my family, along with 5 others struggling with cancer.
For any of you that are interested:
Elevate 5k race sign up
You can also see the video of me that they did about a month ago, and I look terrible compared to now. I don't blame my doctors for thinking that I wasn't doing too well!

On Good Things Utah set talking about the Elevate 5k.

Jordyn had a canvas of us made for my birthday and I love having it right above my bed! (Especially since she's in Havasupai! I miss her).

I had my brother use my scar and shave a cancer ribbon into my head!  

More Disneyland fun!

Getting my balance back comes with lots of fun.

 Driving home from Disneyland.

Fun with Friends.
Anyways, I'll probably have more to post real soon!
Thanks for reading and praying!
I can do hard things!