Monday, December 30, 2013

Win Rachel a 4 Wheeler

Hi,  This is Diane and Rachel has no idea that I am posting this but my brother built a Bunk House and the company that supplied the lumber is having a contest and the prize is a New 4 Wheeler (IF HE WINS, HE IS GIVING IT TO RACHEL).  Please follow this link and vote, 1 vote per email is allowed so if you have more than 1 email, you can vote a second time.  Rachel is currently in her MRI and will get the results this Friday when we go to PCMC for her Dr. appointment.  Thank you for your prayers, your love and your support.  Here is the link.  Be sure to vote for the Christensen cabin and share this information with anyone willing to vote in hopes that Rachel can win a 4 wheeler which will certainly not cure her cancer but it can bring some days of happiness and joy.  VOTING ENDS DEC 31st at MIDNIGHT.  We are in the Mountain Standard Time Zone.  Please vote before te new year.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Open eyes

When doing some research on the perks of having cancer, I came across a comment that basically said, if you think there are perks to having cancer you are absolutely wrong. There are NO perks to having cancer and if you think that there are, well then you probably have brain cancer.

# 1 I'm highly offended. Just cause someone has brain cancer does not mean they are insane.
#2 If you don't think there are perks to having cancer or any other trial life might throw at you, you are arrogant selfish and blind.
Open your eyes, there are blessings everywhere, if you weren't busy feeling sorry for yourself maybe you could recognise that your life is just one big perk

Nobody wants to be told they have cancer, or 9 months to live. But we learn to deal with it. And even though we may never be able to completely overcome it, we learn to find blessings (perks) along the way.

I've been through Hell and back this last year. But I've also been to Hawaii, made it 7 months past when I was supposed to die, been indoor skydiving, Disneyland, in a hot air balloon, in magazines, on tv, had my own race, met amazing people, been to multiple new states. Lost a lot of friends, family and hair. But I've learned a lot more than I have lost and that is what matters. And if you were to open your eyes for a second, you would realize those are perks.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thanks and Christ

I've been thinking a lot lately how we need to be grateful and always showing gratitude for Christ and the sacrificeS He has made. I think that I've always had the mind set that Christ made a huge sacrifice for us. SacriFICE as in singular. But I believe he still makes big sacrificeS for us that hurt. Like when we don't realize how much He has blessed us.
These last 16ish months have been  pure Hell, but pure happiness at the same time. That's why I'm grateful for my life, and I don't always act like I am. I'm grateful that I have every opportunity to be happy. Today I made a promise to myself to keep my eyes peeled for blessings, because sometimes the little things really are the big things (cliche I know,) but as a wise company (Charmin Ultra) so wisely stated, sometimes less is more. (HAHA) But sometimes I think we stare at what seem to us to be the "big things" so intensely that when we take a second to think our mind is all out of proportion, and our perspective is distorted.  (I know this is a very Thanksgiving way to think, but they always say to have the mindset all year, and I never do, so now I am!)
Anyways, Thanksgiving was amazing. I love being with my family, but what I love even more than I love Thanksgiving, is Christmas. I really can't display my love for Christmas through words. But I love it. I love the snow, and the way it crunches. I love hot chocolate (even though I'm don't eat sugar:/) And I love most of all the... music, but really, Mariah Carrey, am I right? Hahaha no, most of all I love the family and love the love. I'm grateful for everything everyone has done for me. I've been so blessed, and I am going to start acting like it!
There you have it. A crazy thought, out of my crazy tumor-ridden brain!
Thanks for reading and always checking in.
 Oh, and by the way I've been rock climbing and....

dun dun dun dun!!! On Thanksgiving I RAN A MILE. I usually run four in the turkey trot, but one made me unusually happy!

 Thanksgiving dinner with the Strattons!

I guess it's time for an actual update.. I am on day 5 of chemo, and like always, I hate Chemo. I started feeling a little dizzy today which is scary because those of you that have followed my blog for a while, would know that with the exception of being on rollercoasters, I have not been dizzy since 2012. So honestly I am scared, I think that's where my head got into the grateful phase. But yeah, I am scared, and I hope like crazy that I can live a normal, full length, life. But beggars can't be choosers, am I right!? Kidding. But for real. Whatever happens happens. And It's all for the best. Praying my hardest that this dizzy second will be nothing! But I have an MRI December 30th, so I will update when I have it because I decided I'm going to start writing on my blog more frequently again. And hopefully I can start writing even more often then that. I can't promise to write every day, mostly because I know that won't happen. But I WILL write more often! Thanks for all the emails and comments, I love to read them. Keep warm this week!
I can do hard things! (Do I even need to say it anymore? haha)

Also I was going to put up some pictures, but my laptop is being stubborn! So I'll add them later, thanks!