Sunday, June 14, 2015

I'm hanging in there. I told Diane and Jordyn that I don't know the pain of having a baby but that i would well prefer it over these headaches.

Besides that I'm working on another Christmas quilt. I'm feeling stronger than a couple weeks ago. Not strong enough to run a 5k by myself. But I can still sit up by myself.-ish..

It's ridiculous how hard it is to eat. No joke it takes me hours to eat a meal. I'm also working with my sister Lauren on an etsy shop! It's fun and gives me something to focus on!! 

You can find my new Etsy shop in my blog sidebar, or by clicking this link... ShopBramble.

I feel like someone said wait here I'll be right back. And I'm continually waiting for whoever to show up but it's been so long i don't know that they're ever going. It helps that I am constantly reminded of my strength. But I can't help but wonder regardless where they are.

okay-thats the best update i am currently capable of giving 
(typing this finger by finger)


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pain Pain Go Away

I'm still fighting aka I am still breathing. You wouldn't believe how hard it can be. Right now the worst thing I'm dealing with are mini migraines- I honestly feel horrible but I'm taking all this in and enjoying it the best that I can.

In the mornings I wake up and spend a couple hours in bed getting my bearings. I'm trying to also eat a lot of good food so I can keep my weight up and stable. Then I usually shower than sit in bed and let ideas collect in my head and try to accomplish them at night.

I am trying to make the best out of these long days and it is not easy but I am successful. I have realized that nobody gets it easy but when I lay down at night I do not feel defeated and I think that's because of the attitude that I have been blessed with.

It's still hard to focus and type this but I am doing it piece by piece in my phone and trying my best. I would say don't judge, but that seems childish.


My great buddy!

Hi! Selfie from the car! Oh! I made that shirt I'm wearing last year!

My attempt to water color

My sister Lauren taught me how to screen print, I cut out the fabric and I am not sewing wonderfully so Diane did that. The mask was still my brain child!