Wednesday, May 15, 2013

9 Months

Totally forgot to post, but 9 months and 6 days ago they gave me 9 months to live. Jokes on them! Hahaha
Little do they know, God's in charge!
Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay
Ps my hair is coming in so fast!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Memphis, Prom and More

So obviously, we went to Memphis and even though the results weren't awful it still kind of put me down. Anyways, they say the tumor is stable, so I'd be so happy if y'all kept praying. Cause I need more now than ever. One measurement grew a bit, but there's a possibility it wasn't measured right. So right now I'm just praying like crazy that it stays stable.

I always ask in my prayers that if my wishes and wants we're not in accord with is, that he would help me to be at peace with it. But here's the thing, it sounds easy until something actually happens to you, then everything changes. So I'm praying that it REMAINS stable for.. Well.. A long time! Feel free to join me in that endeavor!

 Out of the plane looked so cool!

The view out of our window of the Grizzly House!

The cake my mom made me for my birthday!

 The cake I made my mom made for her birthday!

Making the cake!

 Tad Carpenter! He's a cool guy!

 Awesome volunteers!

Cool magic show at St. Jude!


   Saw Carson and Darla again! So fun, they were

             part of our original St. Jude family! 

 With Dustyn and Dakota again!

 New friends and volunteers!

More new friends!


My nurses celebrating my birthday!

My nurses after celebrating my birthday!

Cassidy and I before Prom!

 Twins before Prom!

 Jordyn and Tanner before Prom!

 Taylor and I before Prom! 

Anyways, Disneyland on top of Memphis and prom with Diane's birthday has been very tiring, so I've been resting all week. The smallest things can really tire me out so easily, it's aggravating cause I'm such a busy-doer type of person, but oh we'll! I can do hard things;)