Monday, October 1, 2012

6 treatments left!

Oh hey, it's Rachel again!
These are my buddies Kaiden and Luz, on our wait for the shuttle bus. Aren't they the cutest!? Yes they are.
 Getting my blood work done in Assesment Triage.
My amazing cousins daughter sent me a hug, so guess what's on my door? Bentlee's hug of course!

Today I stopped chemo probably for 2 days (lots of uncertainy this point), but I'm still continuing my irradiation. I guess it has finally taken it's toll on my body!

Tomorrow I have an MRI of my brain at 6:30 AM so it's time to cash it in. For there will be an IV in the morning! Aka- another needle poke, hooray!

Night ya'll!



  1. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Love you so much! Almost there bebe grrrrl

  3. that is probably the cutest thing that i have ever seen in my entire life!! im sending you hugs as well!! love you!!

  4. You are so fun to read. I look forward to reading your spontaneity and humor, and your sweet, pure spirit. You touch the lives of those you have never even met. God bless ya for it.

  5. Rach, miss you so much! LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Can't wait for you to be done so I can see you!! Seriously, you're such an inspiration to so many people. You're so amazingly strong I can't stand it! Keep it up pretty lady :)

  6. From a 17 year old girl from England. You've just strengthened and inspired my faith again after reading through all your posts. Thank you ever so ever so genuinely much and God bless. :)

  7. Just wanted you to know that your name is on the special prayer roll of the Salt Lake City Temple. You have so many of your brothers and sisters praying for you. There is great power in the priesthood and prayer. There is great power in love. Sending love and prayers and more hugs!

  8. she has a whole lot more for you guys too... so hurry home!!! AND lots of yummy potatoes straight from the field by my moms house...Marne' got quite the workout in gleaning those bad boys while Bentlee helped by taking them out of the buckets while she sat on the golf cart!!! nom nom nom cant wait to see you girls!

  9. That is definately the cutest hug ever!!! Little children have the greatest insights. Miss you!