Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 More Treatments!

One less treatment, one day closer to home.  We got the results of my ultrasound,  everything was normal, and my blood test shows improvement but not quite there yet, so guess what that means!? Another needle on Sunday.  I guess that means still no chemo until then.  If you see scars on my arms just know that I have earned everyone of them and have lost count of how many needle sticks that I have had, gave up on the legacy beads long ago.
 My lovely bedtime apparel.  I have a cold and apparently this scarf acts as my personal humidifier, who knows!? Diane says that at least I don't cough thru the night when I wear it.
 The pyramid! Which is going to be a bass pro shop apparently!
 Today we had a little bit of a break, so naturally we went on a walk, and to then my favorite garden area!
Oh yeah we got decorations today! See!

Anyways, as I already said, my liver seems to be doing better. So we're hoping I get to start my chemo again on Sunday.
Even though I feel nauseated, and have a headache, I get up and do things, that's probably what keeps me going!  I feel so blessed today for all the good people at home and here and the Dr.'s who keep me goin! Tomorrow I only have radiation at 8:45, so hopefully I'll be in and out in a flash, and we'll have the rest of the day to spend to ourselves!! I'm excited for the weekend, or hopefully a little break from appointments!
I do hard things, but I'm not doing them alone.The Lord has blessed me with so many tender mercies through this trial. He is the only reason I believe this incredible technology and things work. The medicines and everything may be healing my body but I know it's through him that we are truly healed. Also everyone has been so supportive of me and my family. And we are so appreciative.  Thank you tons:)


  1. Okay, life is officially NOT FAIR if you are going through cancer treatments AND you have a cold. There ought to be a law against that. (Then again, there ought to be a law against cancer. Think it'll work?)

    Speaking of decorations, the Ronald McDonald house is full of really bright colors (except the meditation room--first muted place I've seen in your pictures). Does that help you feel any happier? I assume that's why they do it that way. I remember especially the very orange hall you were in when you were evacuated for the tornado. And the bedspreads.

    The Internet says if you are in Memphis there are a few places you must go:
    1. The Mississippi River
    2. Beale Street
    3. The National Civil Rights Museum
    4. The Peabody Ducks
    5. The Rendezvous Restaurant
    6. AutoZone Park
    7. Sun Studio
    8. The Memphis Zoo
    9. Pink Palace Museum
    10. Graceland
    11. Gus's Fried Chicken (310 S Front St) for fried chicken and fried green tomatoes

    And the Internet is never, ever wrong. :-P

    You are amazing. That is just the truth.

  2. Rach. I love reading your blog. Really. You are so funny and beautiful and you make my day. i wear my "team rachel" cross country shirt, very proudly:)We all do!

  3. Rachel, you are almost there! You are almost to the top of the mountain, and what a climb it has been! You have taught us all how to be brave in the face of great adversity. We read you blog every chance we get and are inspired by you each time we read. We are cheering for you every step of the way! Oh, and by the way ... you have the most amazing Mom ever!!! Lots of love and prayers from Korea.

  4. You have so much courage and faith. I look up to you and love you like a sister, and I don't even really know you! You're such a good example of a disciple of Christ. Keep being you! You're doing great. :] Love, Tiah

  5. Yes, yes Pale Bear, but replace the Mississippi River with Mud Island (I know that sounds corny, but there's a museum, riverwalk, amphitheater, and restaurant on Mud Island), and bump Gus' Fried Chicken wayyyyy up the list. I don't even like fried chicken (how can I be southern, right!?!?), but it really is The Best Fried Chicken, if you're into that sort of thing. ;)

    I hope our city has treated your fairly while you've been here, and I hope you have enjoyed the pretty fabulous weather (minus the tornado). Here's hoping you get over your cold soon - that's the pits.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Love and hugs and prayers.

  6. Rachel - love the get up! so Star Wars! I was in Utah last Sunday and thought of you! I saw you in church the week before; glad you could at least stay for sacrament, the most important part. Glad also that you're going to be able to go home soon. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow. You're in my thoughts and prayers - your great attitude and faith are an inspiration.

  7. Aaron's been praying that you will have good news this week! And trust me, his prayers are always answered. Loved your new pictures...thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Good luck this week as you finish up the last few treatments! Praying for your strength :)

  9. Hi there! :)

    I just heard about your blog here.
    Just wanted to say that I wish you all the best, lots of love and strength!
    God bless you!

    Best wishes from Germany! :)

  10. Your blog posts stay positive and cheery. Love it! Despite all that is going on, you rely on the arm of the Lord to boost you up and give you hope. The experiences you've had with Him are surely sweet and special. You deserve that extra TLC from heaven.

    Keep smiling your warm, contagious and amazingly happy smile! You are such an example to each of us. And you should really market you bedtime headwear. It's pretty cool!