Wednesday, October 3, 2012

4 Irradiation Treatments Left!

Today started out at 9:00 with a "Speech Swallowing Consult", which was a breeze! Then I went to radiation again at 9:45. 
"US Renal ultra sound" I had done this morning.
 Attempting to run on the Playground of Ronald McDonald
 Our wonderful view;) Can you see St Jude?
 My mailbox
 Kitchen artwork
 The kitchen
 The meditation room
Our laundry room

Tomorrow I will get the results of my ultrasound and oh, I have another blood test. Party! If my blood test is good then I will go back on chemo. If not... well then I guess we'll have to just wait and see tomorrow! Did I mention that I took my last dexamethasone today!!! (I know I did yesterday, it's just really exciting.)


  1. Love how you are out running on the Ronald McDonald track. :) You cannot keep a true runner down! I'll bet it feels good to get out and get the muscles moving.

    Congrats on getting off of the dexa doses. It was heartbreaking so see you have to go through that. It is SO good to see pics of you smiling and getting through these crazy treatments with such a great attitude.

  2. How do you represent a celebration using characters and computer icons? If I knew, I would fill this whole box with it. HURRAY for finishing the steroids! HURRAY for good test results! HURRAY for seeing the light at the end of the irradiation tunnel! You're doing it! You're finishing this course of treatment! You're going to feel better! We are all so very happy for you! We send our love!
    Karen Hansen & Gang

  3. I'm glad to see you are gaining some energy! I hope everything goes well with your test results. You're in my thoughts and prayers always!

  4. "Recently a nine-year-old boy was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer. The doctor explained the diagnosis and the treatment, which included months of chemotherapy and major surgery. He said it would be a very difficult time for the boy and his family but then added, “People ask me, ‘Will I be the same after this is over?’ I tell them, ‘No, you won’t be the same. You will be so much stronger. You will be awesome!’”

    Love you SO much Rachel and Diane!