Saturday, January 12, 2013


I just barely realized I haven't updated in over a month! Time flies!
Anyways, I've been feeling a lot more normal/Rachel-ish lately. I swear I hardly even get sick anymore!  Which for me has been terrific and such a blessing, and an answer to many of my prayers.  So Christmas was terrific, except I was really sick that night, throwing up, but the morning and afternoon were awesome, and I was so happy it was a white Christmas.
Also we went to Hawaii on the 30th of December and got back the 8th of January from my make-a-wish trip. It was very fun! But also rainy the whole time. So here are a trillion pictures, that I'm sure anyone who is reading is really interested at looking at.
Oh it was also cool, how I felt great the entire time! I know that some of you prayed specifically for me to feel good on my trip-THANKS.    I didn't throw up once! God was sendin some lovins my way! So blessed.
 The plane on the way there!

 PCC Luau
 Night show
 Me, Conner and Jordyn
 Diane and Dad at BYU Hawaii (where Diane went for a bit)
 New Years!
 How Devin and I usually look!
 Such cool trees in Hawaii! (reminded me of my aunt Rori, we both love big trees!)

 After swimming with dolphins!

 Great view of Waikiki from our Hotel Balcony

 My pearl
 Jordyn's pearls

 The Laie Hawaii temple!
 Turtle beach
 Balcony  of our Hotel

 Valley of the Temples
 Chinaman's Hat 
 Part of the hatch on Lost! (I love Lost)

 Parasailing again!  It was so fun the first time we just had to do it again.  Thanks Make A Wish

My future husband. (wearing green sunglasses as his main accessory, not including his camo backpack)

So as you can tell, we had a blast, at the PCC, Paradise Cove Luau, Parasailing, Swimming with dolphins, etc. We even got to see my cousins Barrett and Heather with their kids the last night, we went to cheesecake factory. It was so fun! They have THE cutest kids. 
Tomorrow (Sunday) I'll be flying out to Memphis where I will have an MRI to check the tumor and of course more blood tests. So much plane time! Ah crazy, but at least I'll only be there til Tuesday!
Thanks for the prayers and support! 
Much Love
Xoxo, Rach


  1. Happy New Year sweet girl. Thanks for the update. I've got my fingers crossed for you!

  2. So thankful you never got sick on your trip! Praise the Lord!

  3. It's so nice to hear from you again! Sending prayers for a great checkup! You're such an inspiration to me. :)

  4. Good to hear an update! So glad you had a nice time.

  5. Looks like Hawaii was fun and you got to see a lot of really neat stuff :) The pictures are beautiful!

  6. I LOVE the tree!! But most of all I love you

  7. What an amazing trip! Make*A*Wish is just the best. I have so many fun memories with my Oliver from his trip to Florida. It's awesome to hear that your tumor has shrunk. That was always such a relief to hear. Prayers to you from Iowa.

    The Palmer Family
    Oliver - Forever 10 (DIPG Warrior)

  8. Now I want to go back to Hawaii. What a wonderful trip. Great pictures. I'm thankful you felt so good while you were there - Hawaii has a way of doing that do you.

  9. You are SO beautiful! What a ray of joy to read about. I heard about your story through KSL and decided to read your entire blog from start to finish. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for having the courage to explain your journey and talk about your feelings and experiences. My prayers are with you. Your testimony is fabulous. You ARE doing hard things and I am blessed to have read this today. Thank you.

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