Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Live Breathe Feel

Our caterpillars are now butterflies! It's been so fun and even therapeutic seeing them live, breathe and feel what this world has to offer them!

They go through phases just like teenagers! Fun to watch! Anyways! I'm all burnt from radiation! Oh and I finished my 27 rounds. I should be starting Chemo here shortly, so we'll see what happens! I have basically a full body MRI on September 11th. Hopefully it will show good results! Pray pray pray! 
 Stomach burn!

Don't mind my pajamas! Back burn!

We went to a family reunion in Idaho where my mom grew up in Shelley! I love it there, such a small Idaho town!

Although Diane was in Indiana with my sister Lauren all last week, we still went up and saw our family! It was fun, because last year, Diane and I missed it, and I remember my mom posting on Facebook that we'd be there next year for sure. I, being super skeptical with this diagnosis, thought, maybe you will! But it was awesome that I made it, and fun to see our family!

Anyways, I can do hard things!


  1. miss you guys more than ever! jordyn looks beautiful (so do the butterflies).

  2. We keep thinking of you Rachel!!' Cecile from France!

  3. Thinking of you and continuing to pray for you from Texas

  4. What a pretty butterfly. It really is amazing when you get to be so up close to them! I've never raised them like that but at our zoo they have a butterfly exhibit for a few months a year and they are everywhere and so beautiful! My family and I think about you often and we are always sending prayers. I hope you're doing well and enjoying your college life! We will be thinking about you on the 11th! Hope to hear a good update soon!

  5. My thoughts and prayers were with you on the 11th as they are every day.

  6. How are you doing Rachel? Update please.
    I finished chemo and start radiation in a week.
    I hope you are doing fantastic.
    We can do hard things!

  7. What's the thing with the X on it on your stomach? Is the burn the overall redness or the black spot?